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Dr. Beau Delaporte and the staff of Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital are always working to keep you and your pets very happy. This has been the goal of the hospital since it was originally founded by Dr. Bill Delaporte in 1985. Our mission is to provide you and your pets with service of the highest quality, keeping your companions healthy and giving you piece of mind. We are a family run, full-service veterinary hospital. We pride ourselves in really getting to know our clients and their needs.

We offer all services for cats and dogs at our hospital. Included are annual vaccinations, wellness exams, dental care, outpatient care, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, all laboratory exams, etc... We benefit because we are located close to several referral hospitals to greatly increase the level of care given in our area. Also, we are currently the only veterinary hospital in Lake County to offer Laser surgery for our patients. A new painless, bloodless option for our surgical patients. Laser declawing is standard for cats now. Call us if you have any questions!

We believe that it is through communicating with you, the pet owner, that we can both work together to give your pet a happy and healthy home environment. Pets are an impo rtant part of all our lives, and we want nothing more than to ensure that your friends remain with you for a long, long time.

You're always welcome at Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital; we hope that you will join us sometime.

Meet Our Team
Dr. Beau Delaporte - Veterinarian - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Beau Delaporte, DVM - Dr. Beau became interested in veterinary medicine while working for his father at his veterinary hospital in Altamonte Springs, FL, growing up. After high school, he attended Auburn University for undergraduate and post-graduate study. He graduated in 1994 with a Bachelors in Animal Sciences and in 1998 from veterinary school. He then purchased Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital from his father in 1999 and has run it ever since. Dr. Beau and his family have dedicated their lives to animals and hopes to one day pass the practice to one of his six beautiful children. His furry family includes a Mastiff lab rescue named Dakota, a poodle mix named Gipetto, a Golden Retriever named Finn and three cats named Mon Cheri, Kit Kat and Twilight. Dr.Beau may be our boss and the doctor but he is also our friend and a huge reason why most of us stick it out when times get tough. A father, a husband, veterinarian/owner to many, and a friend to the rest. We love his company every single day!

Dr. Martinez - Associate Veterinarian - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Maria Martinez, DVM - Associate Veterinarian - Dr. Martinez, a small animal-focused vet was born and raised in Mexico. She has always held a great interest in caring for many species of animals. She has a Bachelor's in Animal Science and a Master's in Ruminant Nutrition from New Mexico State University where she met her wonderful husband Justin. While obtaining her Master's degree, Dr Martinez gained a great understanding and respect for the research and work involved in making nutritionally balanced diets that will maintain a pet's overall health lifelong. Her strong passion and love for animals led her to obtain her DVM at Kansas State University. Dr. Martinez is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, helping clients and pets during these last 5 years as a practicing veterinarian.She enjoys working with dogs, cats, and has some experience with exotic pets as well.

When Dr. Martinez isn’t busy helping pets, she enjoys spending time spending time with her family, and enjoying the sun and theme parks in our Sunshine State!

Anthony Sena, DVM - Associate Veterinarian - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Anthony Sena, DVM - Associate Veterinarian - Dr. Anthony Sena, or better known as “Dr. Tony” is a born Jersey boy but grew up in Naples, Florida. He attended the University of Florida for his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science before returning to Naples to work as a veterinary technician. He then moved to Alabama to attend veterinary school at Tuskegee University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. His current interests include cardiology, soft-tissue surgery, and endocrinology. Dr. Tony’s love for Greyhounds has made him an avid greyhound enthusiast. His compassion, care, and courtesy will stick with you as well as your pets! On his time off, you may see him fishing, getting some sun by the pool/beach, and watching college football. GO GATORS!

Kristine Bentkowski, DVM - Associate Veterinarian - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Kristine Bentkowski, DVM - Associate Veterinarian - Dr. Kristine grew up in the Mid-Hudson valley in NY. She obtained her bachelors of science in 2017 from King’s college PA, master’s of science in 2019 with a focus on tick-borne diseases from East Stroudsburg in PA in 2019, and graduated from Ross university school of veterinary medicine, St. Kitts, in Jan 2023. Dr. Kristine did her clinical year of vet school through Lincoln memorial university. She moved to Florida to be closer to her parents and sister. In her free time I like to go hiking, running, scuba diving or going to the movies. She has three cats that she brought back from St. Kitts with me Blakely, Bean, and Pumpkin.

Kristine Bentkowski, DVM - Associate Veterinarian - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Ariana Periera, DVM - Associate Veterinarian

Jessica Warden - Surgery Technician/Veterinary Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Jessica Warden - Office Manager - Jess joined our team October 2018 after moving to Central Florida in 2017 with her 2 dogs (Sasha and Khaleesi) and 2 cats (Christian and Michi). Jess was a veterinary technician for 8 years and has a special interest in client education. Now, as our Office Manager she's always going the extra mile for our clients and patients! She can often be spotted assisting the receptionists or technicians throughout their day. Jess enjoys spending her days off on the beach or at Disney!

Ava - Veterinary Assistant - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Ava - Veterinary Assistant - Ava started at Mount Dora Vet almost a year ago. Ava is currently a student at UCF and aspires to be a veterinarian. She has 2 dogs named Jack and Bear and a cat named Frito! She really enjoys what she does because it helps her prepare for her future. She is able to learn under her best friend's step-dad, Dr. Beau.

Chrissy - Veterinary Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Chrissy - Veterinary Technician - Christie started her career in 1999 as a kennel tech. Graduated with a degree in veterinary technology from Fairmont State University in 2002. Have worked in dentistry, surgery and my most favorite exotics. Moved to Florida December 2010. She has always been an animal lover. Says this is something that she got from her grandmother. Shares her life with her beloved husband Adam. Christie has 4 dogs, 3 rabbits and 2 chinchillas.

Christian - Veterinary Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Christian - Veterinary Technician - Christian, dedicated to the Animal Health field since 2008, embarked on his journey at a veterinary referral hospital in South Florida as a veterinary assistant. Over the years, he has diversified his expertise, collaborating with various specialty practices ranging from managing an oncology practice in Illinois to internal medicine, where he thrived as a veterinary technician. Christian's passion lies in critical care and emergency medicine. Outside the realm of veterinary care, he cherishes moments with his wife, kids, and friends, exploring the wonders of the world together.

Allie - Veterinary Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Allie - Veterinary Technician - Allie has been working in the veterinary field since early 2019 and is pursuing her CVT at Penn Foster currently and has been Fear Free certified. Allie has worked both general practice and in a shelter environment. She has a passion for helping animals and the people who love them. In her down time she is an avid crocheter and loves spending time with her three kitties Luna, Stripey, and Bo.

Tiffany - Veterinary Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Tiffany - Veterinary Technician - Tiffany joined our team in 2020 and quickly fell in love with our hospital! She began her career as a kennel technician at boarding facilities that lead her to the path she desired to care for animals. She enjoys the complexity of emergency and critical care and is currently focusing on anesthesia and laboratory skills. Tiffany is always lending her team a helping hand and loves to teach others the skills she has acquired. She enjoys making a positive difference in the lives of not only the animals but also the owners. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, and cooking.

Kim - Lead Veterinary Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Kim - Lead Veterinary Technician - Kim is one of our Veterinary Nurses and has been at Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital since October 2020. She is not new to the veterinary field, however. Coming from a 9-year tenure with a large animal shelter in New Jersey, she has experience helping a variety of different animals. She lives happily in Eustis with her Pomeranian Eevee. She spends her free time reading, hiking and exploring everything that Florida has to offer. Her passion is to rescue geriatric dogs in need.

Holly - Surgery Technician- Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Holly - Surgery Technician/Veterinary Technician - Holly has been a part of our team since 2012. She came to us after working for a local vet for 13 years! Holly assists our Doctors with any surgeries along with helping in the exam room, running our in-house lab, taking radiographs, and helping anywhere she is needed. Holly has a bubbly and sweet personality. Between her and her husband, John, they have four beautiful children, three dogs, two cats, and a snake.

Octavia - Veterinary Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Octavia - Veterinary Technician - Octavia joined the Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital team in early May of 2023. She has been in the veterinary field for about 3 years now. Her goal is to further my education and passion for these amazing animals . While growing up around multiple animals such as dogs ,cats , birds , guinea pigs, etc . made her develop this love for them. Seeing that they weren’t able to speak for themselves, gave her this lifetime goal to do her best to give proper care and provide them with the best medicine possible. Octavia also loves sharing her knowledge that she has attained over these years with pet owners and seeing that she can help them in many ways gives her joy and happiness.

Breanna - Surgery Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Breanna - Surgery Technician - My name is Bree and I have been a vet nurse for about 4 years now. I grew up with horses, dogs and all kinds of pets and have had a love for them always. I have a beautiful daughter named Emelia, a black lab named Nelli and a cat named Sasha. When I started vet med I instantly found my calling, my favorite part about this job is getting to be a voice for something that can’t speak for itself. I enjoy emergency / critical care, surgeries and dentals.

Tammy - Kennel Manager - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Tammy - Kennel Manager - MyHello, I’m Tammy. After 30 years of being a hairstylist, I decided to pursue my passion of working with animals. I went to work at the county animal shelter and enrolled in the vet tech program with St. Petersburg College. I worked at the shelter for four years followed by four more years at a local private veterinary hospital. I’m very excited to pursue this next chapter in my life. I have a 17 year old son and we love to spend our free time four wheeling in the forest with fellow Jeep owners. My personal animals include a tripod cat and an Italian greyhound that lost his eyes to glaucoma.

Keelin - Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Keelin - Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Technician - Keelin is a dual enrollment student whose plan is to attend veterinary school after high-school and college and become a vet! Keelin is very excited to be learning more about animals everyday, and being able to learn and prepare herself for the future! She has always loved animals, as she has 7 dogs and cats of her own. She enjoys working at the vet clinic and it has always been a passion of hers to work in the veterinary field since she has been watching her mom be a technician her whole life!

Ever - Kennel Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Ever - Kennel Technician - Ever has been a kennel technician for almost a year now. She grew up with all kinds of animals... dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and a couple others. She loves being around animals! Ever has also been riding horses since she was 4 and has one named Falcon. Ever loves this career because she is able to learn under her step-dad, Dr. Beau!

Emma - Kennel Technician - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Emma - Kennel Technician - Emma has grown up with animals her whole life, all the way from dogs, birds, to horses. She finds peace within animals. As a way to say thank you back to them, she plans to continue working in the Animal Welfare field. Forever grateful for the light they bring into her life.

Mary Claire - Receptionist - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Mary Claire - Receptionist - Mary Claire joined our time in 2022 to continue pursuing her career in animal welfare when she moved back to Florida. Mary Claire has always had a love for animals and grew up with many pets throughout her life, even attempting to convince her family they needed a pet goat one Christmas. As an adult she has continued to care for animals through fostering nearly 80 cats and kittens through the years with the local shelters in Greenville, South Carolina. Mary Claire currently lives with her family, their two dogs Zager and Reina, and three cats Tonks, Minerva, and Arabella. She plans to start fostering again and further her career in animal welfare in any way she can find.

Sonia - Receptionist - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Sonia - Receptionist - Sonia started in the vet field in 2008. Loves animals and has some of her own. Enjoys spending free time with hubby and family in the great outdoors.

Kim F - Receptionist - Mount Dora Veterinary Hospital

Kim F - Receptionist - Kim has been in the veterinary field since 1990. She has worked at several clinics in the area and was originally with us for 10 years, left us for 5 and is now back full time. Kim’s love of animals or craziness is evident by the 4 dogs and 3 cats she has